Healthy Food & Beverages


Scope of Services


1. Full Range of Services:

    Sales & Distribution

    Sales > Trade Marketing > Supply Chain > Billing & Collection


2. Customized Services

     * Sales Management

     * Logistics Services

     * Billing and Collection

     * Trade Marketing



     * Product/ SKU

     * Territories: Surabaya (main office), Jakarta and Bali Area (short term), Region and National (long term)

     * Channels: Key Account, Modern Trade Independent, and Provision (special)


Distribution Channel


Operational Coverage


Detail Services


1. Sales Services

     * Surabaya, Jakarta, Bali own outlet & distribution coverage serving both channels:

         - Modern (HM, SM, MM, and CC)

         - Traditional (certain provision) through direct selling

     * Selling and demand creation

     * Key account management

     * Merchandising


2. Trade Marketing Services

     * Promotional programs management

     * Trade fund management

     * Planogram and merchandising management

     * SPG

     * Channels and accounts specific plans

     * Trade and sales analysis management.


3. Integrated Logistics

(focused in Surabaya as main office, Jakarta and Bali)


     * Warehousing Solution for storage and handling

     * Transportation Solution

         - Network planning and design

         - Route and load planning and optimization

         - Transport/ fleet management

         - In city/ inter-modal transportation

     * Inventory management (IPC)


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